Clumsy first blog post

The diet may be appalling and exercise routine non-existent, but for my New Year’s resolution I pledged to start a blog. Whether I’ll do better than all those out there trying to quit smoking or learn a foreign language will be easy to check in the number of blog posts I add.

The main motivation for the blog was to take the chance to occasionally think and write creatively, something which I don’t often have chance to do nowadays.

I also wanted a place to tap out some thoughts what’s happening to journalism and newspapers in more than the 140 characters Twitter affords. I’ve worked on the online operation of newspapers for the last 8 years, and like everyone else am still trying to sort out where journalism is heading.

Another reason for pressing ‘activate’ on this WordPress blog was to shine a light on some of the hidden gems in the north of England. I’ve travelled all over the region and never found a town that doesn’t have something to interest or surprise, despite the dour stereotypes.

So with that last point in mind, to start the blog with some sort of ironic statement, here’s  the Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu with It’s Grim Up North. Because, you know, it isn’t.



  1. auntysocial said

    POP!! Blog comment virginity gone – my pleasure.

    You jolted my memory about a blog I created yonks ago via Twitter and I ended up back here again, intent on posting rubbish and keeping quietly amused.

    Lancashire. Good place. WEIRD place it has to be said, but good nevertheless. You could travel the world and never meet another living soul with a better sense of humour or a more colourful vocabulary than someone from Lancashire.

  2. Thanks for the comment – I didn’t realise anyone was aware of this blog.

    Whisper it quietly, but despite being a Yorkshireman I’ve lived in Lancashire since age 18 and I love it. Almost but not quite as much as Yorkshire, I hasten to add. It is an eccentric place, but charming with it, and that is magnificently captured in Charles Nevin’s book Lancashire: Where Women Die Of Love. I’d thoroughly recommend it if you’ve not read it.

    I *am* working on a second blog post, by the way, but the photos are holding me up.

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