£50 target for 10k

A few months ago I badly twisted my right ankle playing football. I’d had the same injury several times before and so know it goes black and purple, swells up to the size of a melon, then takes about six weeks to return to full strength. That’s bad news as I’m one of those unfit people you see pounding the pavement preparing for a 10k run (in my case the Jane Tomlinson/Lancashire Telegraph event in Blackburn on World Cup Final day).

Last Sunday I gingerly returned to jogging, combining it with a trip to watch the proper athletes at the Great Manchester Run and the City Games on Deansgate. Training didn’t go hugely well, and I was considering using the ankle as an excuse to withdraw from the run, but there are now two reasons i have resolved to go ahead:

1. Before my injury, I tested out creating a JustGiving page, in case friends and family in far-flung places want to sponsor me. When I selected the Stroke Association as my chosen charity (my mum died of it around a decade ago), it triggered an email to the charity and they despatched a free t-shirt in the post. I can’t leave them out of pocket.

2. As I lolloped around Castlefield wearing my blue Stroke Association t-shirt, drinkers sat outside bars clapped and cheered me, assuming I’d just completed the Great Manchester Run. Of course it was embarrassing, receiving praise for something I’d not done, but nevertheless it was an exciting glimpse of what it’ll be like actually running a charity event. Those who’ve run such races before say the support you receive from strangers is huge.

So I really have no choice. I must complete the 10k Run on July 11 and I must raise at least, say, £50 to make it worth the charity’s while sending me stuff in the mail. As there are around a dozen work colleagues running, it’s unfair to burden the rest of the office into sponsoring all of us. So I really need your help. Convinced? Here’s that JustGiving page.



  1. auntysocial said

    I’m pretty sure you’ll raise much more than £50 anyway, but I just started you off with a fiver.

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