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Over 2000 firearms taken off Cumbria’s streets

Police in Cumbria, the county where Derrick Bird went on a gun rampage killing 12 people, removed over 2,000 firearms from the streets in just four years.

A total of 2,054 – including 746 shotguns, 618 rifles and air rifles and 444 handguns – were taken off the streets between January 2007 and January 2011. Of these, 568 were seized by Cumbria Police and the rest handed in.

The totals for more urban areas the West Midlands and Nottinghamshire were only marginally larger at 2,596 and 2,464 respectively, according to a report in the Sunday Mercury covering a similar time span.

The figures, released through a Freedom of Information Act request, emphasise that guns are a major problem for all police forces, not just in inner cities.

I obtained the information ahead of the recent inquest into Bird’s killing spree as part of a training session presentation on data journalism I was putting together.


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